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Have you dreamed of owning a second home or condominium in a resort mountain community? Perhaps you find yourself in a position where it would make sense but purchasing real estate in a resort area is a big step, and a big decision. Our goal at Canyons Real Estate is to be your advocate in the buying process and educate you on the things to know when buying resort real estate.

As you begin to think about buying a resort vacation home at Canyons or a surrounding Park city area, the first step is to partner with a qualified real estate professional. With the help of a knowledgeable well trained agent, you can come out on top of a closing that might otherwise have avalanched out of control. We know that the internet has made it easier than ever to access information on properties that are for sale, and today’s buyers are more informed than ever, but going it alone can be costly. Don’t make a life altering mistake when purchasing your mountain home. We have seen people make expensive decisions just because they thought they could make a better deal. But the seller is not negotiating or working on your behalf. That is where a Canyons real estate professional comes in. As a buyer, our representation costs you nothing! Our commission has already been negotiated with the seller. Take advantage of our experience and let us guide you through the critical steps in this process so you can live the mountain lifestyle you have dreamed about.

If you would like to know about the mountain home buying process, we would love to tell you about it. Contact us!

The internet has opened up a world of information that wasn’t previously available to potential home buyers. The data that is available on listed properties is almost current – but not quite. Did you know that information on third party websites can be up to 30 days behind what is actually current?


  1. Full Access to the MLS
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  3. Representation .
  4. Negotiating Power
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